Christiane Whiteley

Christiane is an Urban Designer with professional experience in Urban Design and Architecture. Her enthusiasm in the field of architecture and urbanism has led to her participation in several overseas urban design workshops, including Abu Dhabi, London, Beirut and Paris, which has provided her a profound knowledge and interest in different cultural diversities, urban environments and their inherit complexities. 

Over the past 5 years, Christiane has worked on a range of significant urban renewal and infrastructure projects in Sydney for both private and public sector clients, including three of the North-West Urban Transformation sites for Transport for New South Wales (Bella Vista, Kellyville and Showground). Christiane’s educational and professional focus has been focused on understanding the relationships between the social, environmental and built infrastructure critical in designing successful cities.


  • Port Central Urban Design Study, Port Macquarie
  • Green Grid Priority Corridor review
  • 7 Local Centres, Willoughby
  • Penrith City Centre Review
  • Sydney Olympic Park Master plan review
  • Preston Market Urban Design Study
  • Penrith Lake Landscape, Visual and Urban Design Framework
  • Preston Market Urban Design Study