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About Architectus

We are a top-tier Australian architecture and design studio specialising in commercial, education, interiors, public, residential, transport, urban design and planning.

Our insightful and human-centric design approach is combined with a collaborative ethos to create unique places that are exemplars of elegance, function and sustainability. We operate as a single studio with our creative team based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We enjoy a strong collaborative relationship with our associated New Zealand studios located in Auckland and Christchurch.

About Architectus - Design philosophy
Design philosophy

The shorthand we use to describe our design philosophy is “people, purpose, place, planet and production”. This is our checklist and framework for creating, discussing and assessing our design.

Human experience is at the heart of our approach, we design for the people who work, travel, visit, learn and live in the spaces and places we create.

Working with our clients and their stakeholders, we explore the purpose of each project to reach its full potential beyond its functional brief.

Our projects are derived from their context and are respectful of the landscape, climate, history, culture and community that defines place.

Sustainability is championed on every one of our projects. We consider the longer-term impact on the built environment, on society and on our planet.

How a building can be intelligently, efficiently and safely put together drives our design thinking. This may have been called construction, however with an eye firmly on a future of 3D printed, prefabricated and robotic-assembled building components we call it production.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital | Health and public architecture

We believe sustainability is multi-faceted; it’s about taking responsibility for the environmental impact, cultural heritage, economic viability and social significance of our work.

Our designs are resilient to whatever the future holds. We create projects that are sensitive to a changing climate, responsive to technological developments, and built to contribute to healthy and happy communities for generations to come.

About Architectus
Our people

Architectus has built a strong practice culture around the exceptional skills of our people – committed design professionals trusted by our clients to realise their vision. Our staff of 380 brings together architects, interior architects, digital design and delivery experts, urban designers and planners with a breadth of local and global experience.

We embrace the diverse backgrounds of our people and the rich perspective they bring to our studio.

Our leaders have inspiring portfolios and deep sector experience. Every one of our projects is led by a dedicated Principal, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to achieve world-class design.

About Architectus - How we work
How we work

Collaboration is an over-used word however, at Architectus, we really know what it means. It’s not just cooperation or sharing, it’s about embracing the unexpected, bringing remarkable minds together and breaking down barriers to enrich outcomes.

We are renowned for our ability to partner on projects; sometimes we partner with other architects, and we always partner with our clients.

We are digitally agile, and our process is rigorous. We pursue new horizons using a sophisticated set of tools to uncover, test, and refine the genesis of what makes each project special. Our engagement with clients, stakeholders, users and communities runs deep and wide.

Through this process of research, iterative exploration, invention and refinement we arrive at solutions that stand the test of time and are noted for their rationality, ingenuity and beauty.

Digital Design & Delivery
Digital design & delivery

We are a digital leader in our industry, embracing technological advances and the opportunities that arise from an innovative mindset.

Our in-house technology consultancy has expertise in 3D prototyping, laser scanning, software engineering, data management and computational design.

We utilise the most sophisticated tools to analyse data, forecast challenges and visualise solutions that are imaginative, precise and efficient.

About Architectus - Our organisation
Our organisation

Architectus Australia is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Independent Director Ben Lehmann with Executive Directors Ray Brown (CEO), Barry Aarons (COO), Ruth Wilson, Simone Oliver and Mark van den Enden.

The Board presides over the Executive and Design Management Groups; a company structure that institutes best practice across all operations. All Principals have a stake in the business and are invested in delivering successful outcomes for our clients.