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We are a digital leader in our industry, embracing technological advances and the opportunities that arise from an innovative mindset. Our in-house technology specialists have expertise in 3D prototyping, laser scanning, software engineering, data management and computational design. We utilise the most sophisticated tools to analyse data, forecast challenges and visualise solutions that are imaginative, precise and efficient.

Digital Design & Delivery

Site analysis
GIS mapping platforms and machine learning algorithms are deployed to automate the creation of site models.

Site digitisation

Digitally surveying sites and buildings gives greater depth to
the process of conceptualising and analysing opportunities
and limitations.

We work with surveyors and drone specialists to understand existing conditions and create 3D models of development sites and the surrounding context.

Macquarie University Incubator 3D model | Digital Design & Delivery

Macquarie University Incubator 
Viewpoints of the 3D model used for fabrication.

Digital prototyping

We create detailed digital prototypes that inform the assembly and fabrication of building components. This process allows us to test modular constructions, prefabricated components, building assemblies and fittings and furniture.

Working alongside leading digital modelling and fabrication specialists, we develop prefabricated building assemblies that result in better design solutions, fewer site accidents, less reworking on site, and increased efficiency during installation.

Virtual reality model | Digital Design & Delivery

Virtual reality
A client is engaged by the design team in an immersive 3D experience.

Experience centred design review

Using the latest VR, AR and 360° panoramic web-tour technology, we generate virtual models which our clients and stakeholders can use to explore our design proposals. An experienced team member records their feedback which contributes to the evolution of the project.

Macquarie University C7A | Digital Design & Delivery

Macquarie University Central Courtyard
Design analysis undertaken with generative design processes.


Computational technologies are used throughout design and delivery to analyse, optimise and execute ideas.

Experience has taught us that the most pragmatic design solutions stem from insights gained through prototyping and computational analysis. Our design experts collaborate with in-house software engineers, computational designers and VR/AR technicians to harness the most advanced innovations in our industry and unlock each project’s full potential.

Pedestrian flow | Digital Design & Delivery

Occupant flow modelling
A project is analysed for optimum design performance.

BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting is an Architectus company providing digital engineering services.

BIM Consulting is a leader in the application of digital technology.

The Digital Engineering team take a central role in the digital delivery of projects and work alongside organisations supporting them on their digital transformation journey.

Our application developers build software to support data centric asset management.

Learn more about the BIM Consulting team and services here: