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We honour their unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters, sky, and communities and their rich contribution to society.

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Q&A with our 2021 Graduate Program cohort

Following the success of our inaugural two-year program last year, in March 2021 a new cohort of carefully selected candidates joined the Architectus Graduate Program.

Most are familiar faces, having previously worked with us as a Student or Graduate of Architecture. The Program includes in-house workshop sessions with sector leaders, on-the-job experience such as attending site meetings, participation in design competitions and formal training.

We took the opportunity to get to know our Graduates.

Anais Gowland - 2021 Graduate Program

Anais Gowland (Adelaide), why Interior Architecture?

There’s not really a defining moment that I can remember that led to studying interior architecture; I think it was subconscious. My grandfather was a stonemason and a lot of my family is involved in the building industry, so I’ve always been exposed to and interested in it.

I recently came across the holiday journal that I kept as a child and saw I had drawn a detailed floorplan of every hotel room or cabin or house we stayed in for any trip we went on. So I guess this career decision was a fairly natural progression and now that I’m in the industry and getting to work on really exciting real-life projects – it’s one I’m very glad I made.

Anais Gowland Quote - 2021 Graduate
Wilfred Cheung Portrait - 2021 Graduate

Wilfred Cheung (Adelaide), what are you looking forward to 10 years from now?

I think our generation will carry a new wave of thinking: a zeitgeist of environmentalism, minimalism, and authenticity. Our (dire?) future environmental constraints will lead to an interrogation of our consumption, products and footprints. This can already be seen with products like the KeepCup, and the Tiny House movement.

I think the things which carry more inherent qualities will be valued again, like fine furniture, clothes and products. With that will also come an understanding of the processes of making and taking care of items by repairing them. With our generation valuing these things, I hope we can collectively make a difference.

Wilfred Cheung Quote - 2021 Graduate
Siubhan Rudge Portrait - 2021 Graduate

Siubhan Rudge (Brisbane), what have you enjoyed the most about the graduate program so far?

It has opened a range of opportunities for me, both locally and nationally. My colleagues here in Brisbane have been wonderfully helpful and have fostered an environment for me to learn and grow professionally. Thank you, Brisbane studio!

On a national scale, it has connected me with my fellow graduates across Australia through focused training sessions including BIM school, productivity training, understanding personalities and how to adapt to different working environments. It has been great working with colleagues who are in a similar position to me. Even though we are geographically distant, it certainly feels like we are part of a close-knit and supportive community. I am looking forward to continuing to grow together over the next two years!

Siubhan Rudge Quote - 2021 Graduate
Damian Shannon - 2021 Graduate

Damian Shannon (Melbourne) and Gene Hyun (Sydney), what is the definition of ‘good design’ and how can it be achieved?


I perceive it as the selections that achieves the clients’ brief but also improves the experiences that people have in the space by creating a particular atmosphere, while considering the history of the site.

To achieve positive social outcomes, good design should also enhance the surrounding environment by considering material and system choices to create buildings that have minimal environmental impacts – both initially and in the longer term.

Damian Shannon Quote - 2021 Graduate
Gene Hyun - 2021 Graduate Program


Forward Thinking.

During university, my main concern was to produce designs that were visually stunning and had a punchy story. But we are living through the fourth industrial revolution where society and technology is continuously evolving at such a rate – we should ask ourselves how buildings can be more futureproof.

In comparison to other industries, built environments react slower to progressive social changes, but how can we challenge this? It takes 5 to 10 years to build a high rise. Currently, being part of a project that is in its relatively early stages, it’s interesting to see how each design decision drastically shapes the lives of its users in one way or another. Architects should be drivers of revolution, not the followers of it.

Gene Hyun Quote - 2021 Graduate

More about the Architectus Graduate Program

The success of Architectus is built on the creativity, dedication and innovation of a diverse and talented team who we support with great benefits and a rewarding workplace culture. Our 2021 Graduates will continue to develop by contributing to projects, attending specialised in-house workshops and investing in formal professional development.

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Gene Hyun Quote - 2021 Graduate
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