Brisbane Powerhouse Refurbishment

Brisbane Powerhouse Refurbishment

The Brisbane Powerhouse refurbishment involved a series of projects to enhance the facilities for the public. It concentrated on improving the flexibility of the spaces and improving the commercial return while considering the heritage value of the building.

This refurbishment aimed to complement the existing elements within the building, through the use of similar materials and detailing.

The heritage value of the building was considered during the design and documentation. Existing graffiti walls surrounding the new elements are now lit to highlight the character of the existing building.

The expansion of the riverside balcony will complement the existing bar area used by patrons during performances.

The existing bar area was also refurbished to increase its visibility on entering the building.

Improvements to the spectator areas within the Turbine Gallery was achieved through the construction of new connecting gallery walkways and balconies.

The flexibility of the Powerhouse Theatre and the Turbine Hall Gallery was greatly enhanced, enabling a wider variety of performances through the extension of the Turbine Hall performance stage, the provision of new balcony seating and refurbishment of side galleries. A new rooftop terrace was also provided to complement the existing function spaces on the river side of the venue.

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Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane City Council
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