Urban Design + Urban Planning

Architectus’s multidisciplinary design studios include both Urban Planning and Urban Design specialists.

Urban Design focuses on a holistic design of the urban environment through the shaping of space, built form and landscape and the many strands of place-making that contribute to identity, amenity, liveability and beauty.

Urban Planning is about balancing social, economic, and environmental concerns to create sustainable urban places that are culturally rich, environmentally responsible, socially diverse and economically sound.

At Architectus we provide experience and services across a wide variety of projects, for both corporate and government clients.

This includes the design of major urban projects, strategic regional planning, master planning and concept feasibility; through to detailed built form and public domain design.

Our team offers integrated services in strategic and statutory planning; development approvals and environmental assessment; urban design and master planning; and expert testimony.

Most members of our Urban team have dual qualifications, with skills across town planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and environmental management enabling us to tailor consultancy services specifically for the project or to assemble multi-disciplinary teams as needed.

Urban projects involve many diverse players and stakeholders, and we believe our commitment to positive collaborative processes underpins Architectus’s reputation for quality and our many awards in this sector.