Urban Design + Planning

Our vision is to create beautifully functional cities that promote the best that urban life has to offer.

At Architectus, we plan and design urban environments responsibly to balance the realities of our rapidly changing world with the expectations of our clients and the hopes of our communities. We plan for sustainable, responsible and culturally rich communities; and we design the environment around them to be liveable, accessible and beautiful.

Our Urban Design and Planning team has local and international experience. They are diverse and multi-skilled, bringing architecture, landscape architecture and social planning into the mix. We are further able to draw on the expertise of over 300 architects across all of our studios.

Our approach is holistic and integrated. We integrate planning, urban design and architecture to achieve great outcomes across all scales and project types for both private and government clients.

We deliver master plans, approvals, designs and policies grounded in solid analysis and deep understanding of the place and its potential.

We pursue and promote design excellence through research, design review and thought leadership as well as through our projects.

We are inspired by the opportunities our work and our clients afford us to shape the future.