St Peter's College Technology Building

St Peter's College Technology Building

"Resisting the temptation to form a curve, or indeed any other modish form, they have folded a piece of the motorway into a cranked, defensive palisade - forming an apparently effortless integration of architecture and sculpture."

Charles Walker Architecture New Zealand November/December 2001

St Peter's College is huddled on its restricted urban site constrained by a motorway, railway line and two major urban roads.

The new Technology Building is a collection of generic rooms; flexible, decent sized workshops, laboratories and studios.

Sited hard against the motorway edge it forms one side of a new courtyard and is linked by a cloister, open stair and bridges to the adjacent buildings.

Exposed aggregate pre-cast concrete walls with glazed slots face the motorway, enclosing three sides of the building and establishing a strong presence to the passing traffic.

The fourth side, facing the new courtyard is predominantly glazed, with external or covered circulation spaces allowing for informal gathering of students and communication.

The building hovers above and on the edge of the motorway, set slightly off the block work base that supports it.  As a result, it appears to belie its actual weight and physicality.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Floor area
1400 m²
Original value
Patrick Clifford


  • NZIA Resene Supreme Award for Architecture 2002
  • NZIA Resene NZ Award for Architecture 2002
  • NZIA Resene Branch Award for Architecture 2001

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