Southport Broadwater

Southport Broadwater

The master plan for the Southport Broadwater Parklands sought to reconnect the city to the waterfront, create great people places and a world class, unique coastal landscape.

A key principle of the project is to re-establish the vital and historical link between the city and the Broadwater. This will assist in establishing Southport as a true waterfront city.

The design creates an urban boulevard of the current Gold Coast Highway and brings the water closer to the city at crossing points.

A revitalised parkland will be activated with new children's playgrounds as well as places to swim, walk, ride, barbecue, drink coffee, enjoy artwork, eat ice creams, ride skateboards, people watch, perform, listen to music, jog, catch a ferry and celebrate history and the future.

Outstanding design works as a strong magnet for public activity. The design creates a rich interpretation of the coastal landscape. The parkland is designed as an outstanding piece of landscape architecture that interprets the special qualities of the site, and creates an imaginative and engaging place to visit.

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Gold Coast City Council
Southport, Queensland
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