Qantas Heavy Maintenance Facility

Qantas Heavy Maintenance Facility

“The Heavy Maintenance Hangar in Brisbane is one of the largest, most advanced aircraft facilities in the southern hemisphere, providing world class engineering standards.”  Qantas 

Aircraft require regular inspection and maintenance based on calendar age, hours flown, the number of take off-landing cycles completed and all major aircraft systems have limits on their service life. In addition, there is a stream of modifications issued by the manufacturers arising from shared industry experiences and knowledge. This work is structured into a series of maintenance checks, from work that can be done in a single shift without a hangar through to heavy maintenance works requiring several weeks in a hangar. Efficient scheduling plays an important part in maximizing the availability of the fleet.

The hangar in Brisbane provides a heavy maintenance facility for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The three main components of the facility are: the hangar, the stores building and the workshop building. 

The hangar, the largest of the elements, is dominated by the main 160m clear span truss and the large support columns framing the aircraft entry doors. High level operable louvres provide controlled natural ventilation.

The administration and staff spaces are externally indicated by Qantas red, while the workshop area is characterised by its functionality, linking in with the stores building.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Qantas Airways Limited
Brisbane, QLD
Floor area
21 790 m²
Original value
Ruth Wilson