Port Macquarie Health and Education Precinct

Port Macquarie Health and Education Precinct

Port Macquarie is a regional centre in New South Wales with an attractive coastal lifestyle and is an emerging centre for health and education. Several universities are expanding their facilities and course offerings in close proximity to the Port Macquarie Base Hospital, while local schools and health care providers are thriving. These investments are occurring in a disconnected suburban context, with sensitive environmental features including koala habitat.

Architectus has led an “Enquiry by Design” workshop to interactively consult with key stakeholders.  We are now producing a draft master plan which is intended to inform Council’s LEP and DCP controls for the precinct. The master plan will feature urban design interventions to support the delivery of research, health care, and learning activities while promoting opportunities for innovation and collaboration. The aim is to reinforce the vision for an active, healthy, and high amenity centre of excellence.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
Port Macquarie, NSW
Floor area
10 ha

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