Parramatta Light Rail Reference Design

Parramatta Light Rail Reference Design

Architectus and Arup were appointed Technical Advisor by Transport for NSW forthe Definition Design phase of the Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) project.

Route Assessment
Architectus was responsible for contributing urban design and planning advice as part of the Multi-Criteria Assessment (MCA) of 14 different route options. A targeted set of urban design assessment criteria was developed in collaboration with TfNSW that could be used to critically compare the route options. Through an exhaustive process of data collection, site visits, GIS mapping and collaborative workshops Architectus and Arup worked through the options and criteria to document a definitive and evidence-based recommendation on the preferred light rail route.

Options Development
Following the work undertaken for the MCA stage of the project, Architectus and Arup entered the Optioneering project phase. As the engineering (road and rail alignment) for the project rapidlyprogressed the team investigated and made recommendations for the best possible urban design outcomes at multiple key locations and stops. Studies included testing how the light rail might interface with key interchanges and public realm in Parramatta’s CBD aswell as future development precincts. These studies helped to facilitate key stakeholder engagements and draw out critical issues for discussion and design resolution.

Precinct Strategies/Definition Design 
Architectus developed urban design, architectural and landscape strategies for Stage 1, including documenting specific urban design outcomes for the length of the route in collaboration with Transport for NSW and stakeholders (particularly Parramatta City Council). The team continues to apply the knowledge and experience gained on this, and previous light rail and large infrastructure projects, to design and document the definition design as part of a comprehensive Urban Design Handbook that will guide the tender and future implementation stages of the project.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Transport for NSW
Parramatta, NSW
Floor area
12 km
Nick Bucktin

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