Na’s House

Na’s House

One owner is of Thai origin and the family lived for many years in Tokyo. The inspiration for this house came from spatial qualities, materials and craft reflecting those histories and sensibilities, and the owners’ love and knowledge of the local indigenous subtropical landscape of this semi-rural area.

The house, referencing also Queensland timber architecture, is comprised of four conjoined pavilions including the original house, conceived as small components of the meta-landscape; a mosaic of fields circumscribed and defined by lines of planting. The axes and geometries of the landscape are the axes and geometries of the house. Over time, the house will be absorbed into the landscape, and the demarcation between green and building will become ambiguous.

In this house for an adult family, the need for both convivial and private spaces is achieved in a small plan by means of the pavilion configuration, each wing allowing for private space and a unique relationship with a courtyard or garden. The conjunctions of the pavilions yield the meeting places. Subtle relationships between the spaces are created by small changes in level and with adjustable screens.

The scale of each space is intimate, yet the house seems very generous due to the spatial interrelationships and the visual and physical connection to the landscape beyond.

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Na & John
Brookfield, Queensland
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