Melbourne Airport T2 Check-in Zone M

Melbourne Airport T2 Check-in Zone M

The long term vision for Melbourne Airport’s International check-in is the ‘fast-travel’ model of Common User Self Service (CUSS) enabling passengers to check-in at any kiosk and use any Automatic Bag Drop (ABD) in the Check-in Hall regardless of airline or destination. This will make check-in more efficient and faster for both passengers and staff, queuing will be minimised and the through-put of the Check-in Hall will be significantly increased. While the airlines are getting ready for this future by developing and refining their operating systems, Melbourne Airport is already building the infrastructure that will realise this fast-travel vision. 

Architectus undertook a feasibility study that identified the zone between T3 and T2, known as Zone M, to be the prime location to transition from conventional check-in counters to the new self-service model. A completely new look and feel was developed for the zone with sustainably sourced Australian timber providing a warm backdrop to the sleek white components of kiosks, ABDs and service desks. The passenger experience is easy and intuitive through clear and logical arrangement of all elements and dynamic signage programmed with airline branding and flight information. 

A ‘hybrid’ design of the ABDs allows them either to be manned as a conventional check-in counter or become self-serve by swivelling the screen interface to face the passenger. This gives the airport and the airlines full flexibility in the service model during this transition from conventional to fast-travel. 

The upgrade of Zone M is transformative for Melbourne’s International Check-in Hall. It heralds a future of fewer queues and faster, more enjoyable processing. 

The design is now being rolled out in stages across the entire International Check-in Hall.

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Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd
Tullamarine, VIC
April 2018
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