Green Grid Implementation

Green Grid Implementation

The NSW Government Architect proposed a network of high-quality green space that connects town centres, public transport hubs, and major residential areas. Known as the Sydney Green Grid, it is an integral part of the Greater Sydney Region and District Plans.

Architectus was engaged by the Greater Sydney Commission to review and assist in the implementation of 18 priority projects that were identified in the Green Grid strategy (released in November 2016 by the Government Architects office and Tyrrell Studio).

Architectus identified a methodology for the corridors to be analysed at a corridor scale and reviewed the 18 priority projects to ensure alignment of corridors are meaningful and identification of any issues that may prevent delivery. These 18 projects span from Palm Beach to Manly, Penrith to Campbelltown, and throughout the Metropolitan Sydney area. The Green Grid strategy seeks to connect Sydney’s open space, from regional to local parks, private and public sport facilities, and foreshore areas, via cycleways, pedestrian connections and major transport routes.

During the review stage, Architectus was asked to identify any potential issues that could challenge state government or local councils in delivering these 18 priority projects within the next 5 to 20 years and provide a series of recommendations and actions that these government agencies can implement.

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