Ruth Kealy

Ruth has over 16 years experience encompassing bespoke housing, master planning, high-rise residential, aged care and educational projects. She has expert knowledge of strategic asset and development management, and was Project Director on two 2,000-student, K-12 schools. 

Passionate about client centred design, Ruth believes that open communication, clear deliverables and a concise scope of work are essential in delivering optimal solutions and facilitating an enduring client relationship. Ruth also spent a decade working in Ireland and she has also worked in northern Pakistan at the country’s Heritage Foundation. 



  • Santa Sophia College, Box Hill (BVN)
  • STEM School, Luddenham (BVN)
  • Vivien Place, Castle Hill (Up Architects)
  • King Street, Sydney (Up Architects)
  • Mark Morgan Aged Care, Vaucluse (Marchese)
  • Climbing Shack, Little Hartley, (Own practice)
  • Jesuits Aged Care, Dublin (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • Spencer Dock and Block N, Dublin (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • Fassaroe, Dublin (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • RTE 2025, Dublin (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • Department of the Environment, Wexford, Ireland (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • Tyndall Institute, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland (Scott Tallon Walker)
  • The Village, Cloughjordan, Tipperary, Ireland (Solearth)
  • Airfield Trust, Tipperary, Ireland (Solearth)