Ariana Rodriguez Novoa

Ariana studied architecture and urban design in Spain and has over six years’ experience working predominantly on commercial, hospitality and residential projects. Highly passionate about architecture and design, Ariana’s drive enables her to be led and to also guide teams throughout the entirety of projects. She enjoys the challenges that design presents throughout a projects’ lifecycle, especially the learning opportunities that emerge whilst overcoming challenges with the support and knowledge brought by all of the projects stakeholders.

Ariana is a design leader with a focus on commercial and residential projects. She has worked on a number of design competitions, feasibility studies and concept designs and has seen several of these translate into well coordinated projects. Ariana is committed to design quality at all levels of a project, from feasibility and commercial viability to its aesthetics, ensuring that her client’s desired requirements and outcomes are met.





  • 230 Sussex Street, Sydney, (Crone Architects). Design competition winner.
  • One Circular Quay, Sydney, (Crone Architects).
  • Lighthouse, Dee Why Town Centre, Sydney, (Crone Architects).
  • Thornton Village Centre, Penrith, New South Wales, (Crone Architects).
  • 44 O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo, New South Wales, (Crone Architects).
  • 505 George Street, Sydney, (Crone Architects). Design excellence competition winner.
  • 338 Pitt Street, Sydney, (Crone Architects).
  • 333 Kent Street, Sydney, (Crone Architects).
  • Coward Street, Mascot, New South Wales, (Crone Architects).
  • 50 Macquarie, Parramatta (Crone Architects).