ShoutRidge 住宅,林菲尔德

ShoutRidge 住宅,林菲尔德

Shout Ridge is a new medium density housing community within the site of the former UTS Ku-ring-gai Campus at Eton Road, Lindfield. This proposal is the second precinct designed by Architectus within the master plan and is located on a site at the interface between the urban character of Lindfield and the natural setting of Lane Cove National Park.

The plan comprises two linear building elements at right angles to each other. Each building has apartments accessible from a central corridor, creating two distinct apartment characters; one street based; the other facing the open bushland landscape.

The street-facing facade is articulated using strong geometric forms, deep reveals, blade walls, solid and glazed elements, and floating roof. The balconies and stone clad feature blade columns help provide privacy for the upper apartments as viewed from the street. The repetition of forms creates a streetscape rhythm and the scale of the expressed balconies relates sympathetically to Precinct 1A opposite.

The building edge facing the bushland landscape is softened by floating curved balconies with small incremental changes to respond to the natural setting.

All 88 apartments have excellent natural cross ventilation and are designed to meet the Silver level of the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines ensuring future flexibility and adaptability.

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Lindfield, NSW
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